Salted Halal sheep and Hog casing



Our natural hog casings are ideal for fresh sausage, smoked sausage and dry sausage. Uniform size and shape allow for consistency and minimal waste. Because our hog casings are all natural, they have a tender and firm bite, providing just the right resistance. They’re also transparent so they easily highlight your sausage’s quality ingredients

Packaging types include : Salted Casings, Netpack, Proline Tubed Casings, Pre-flush bags, Cup Bags

Other Packaging Options Include : Different Size Pails, Barrels

Salted Hog Casings :

Caliber:30/32;32/34;34/36;36/38;36/40;40/42;40/+ mm
Length: 90.5–91.5 meters per hank or 84–85 meters per hank
Packing: Packed in plastic casks of 150 hanks each.


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