Wholesale of Quality Clipper Lighters

Weight : 0.030 and many others available.
Length : 7.5 cm and many others available.
Width : 3.5 cm and many others available.
Height : 2.7 cm and many others available.
Gas Capacity : Full Gas
Material : Plastic, Silver, Metal, Zinc
Color : Mixes

Packing Details :
48 Pieces /Tray
20 Trays /Carton
63 cartons/Pallet
13 Pallet/ 20’FCL



We are reliable and constant in the wholesales of Quality Clipper Lighters, custom made Clipper Lighters available for sale at wholesale prices: Clipper is the brand name of a type of refillable butane lighter, designed by Enric Sardà and owned by Flamagas S.A. since 1959. Ponte Global Trading GmbH is a distributor of Colibri and Lotus lighters including MK lighters, Ronson lighters, Scripto lighters and many others available. We deliver lighters in bulk and worldwide. We have a group of expert that make sure all the goods we provide to you meets your requirements so as to make sure the goods you have ordered for arrives as requested.

The lighters are mostly produced in Barcelona (Spain), while others are manufactured in Chennai (India) and Shanghai (China). Clipper has a wide range of lighters, gas refills and other accessories. The first Clipper lighter was made in 1972, and now the worldwide level of production is around 450 million units a year, making it the second largest lighter manufacturer in the world (behind BIC). Wholesales of Quality Clippers Lighters

Size: 64mm * 17mm * 17mm

Individual Dimensions: W1.4, D1.8, H6.5

Pack/Tray Dimensions: W18.1, D13.7, H13

Size of Pack: 48

Pack Weight: 1.04kg

Individual Barcode: 84127748100

Pack Barcode: 84127749621

Transit Case Barcode: 84127359481

Case Dimensions: W39, D29.5, H28

Quantity in Case: 20 trays in a case

Case Weight: 8.32kg

Material: Metal Shell, Nylon gas tank movement, Power Stone wheel.

Shape: Irregular Cylindrical

Whether you are based in the United States of in Asian, we deliver lighters in bulk to you because we have enough  Clipper Lighters available for sale at wholesale prices and they are delivered to you on time.

You can Lifestyle unique features when ordering Quality Clipper Lighters at wholesale.

1. You can replace flint and inflate repeatedly use: Long service life; compare to the lighter, inflatable purchasing new can save 90% of the cost. Without leave, they cherish forever.

2. Safe fixed flame: Maximum height of 50mm, to avoid burns safer constant fire.

3.Pure isobutane gas: Tasteless and stable flame:

4.Continue and pass the IS09994: Top quality.

5.Enough gas capacity; 3000 for ignition, gas lighter equivalent to twice the normal capacity.

6.Nylon gas tant: Anti-gray and self -extinguishing, safety.

7.Housing Metal Protection: degree, sleeker, high temperature, anti-fall, safe enough.

8.Power Whee: Shousong Both off, very safe.

9.Most of the pieces are recyclable and environmentally friendly material.

10. All lifestyle lighter can, with the best and most unique system of child protection.

NB: Do not forget we can supply your company with custom made quality clipper lighters and at wholesale prices.

Commodity Name : High Quality Gas Lighters
Type Of  Lighters: Flint Lighter,Electronic Lighter,LED Lighter,Windproof Lighter
Material: ABS&AS
Color : Five colors
Advantages: High Quality&Low Price&Stamble&Elegant Appearance
Gas tank surface  : Sand blasting, heat transfer, stickers , PVC and so on
Feature The rate of leaking within 0.3%,the rate of inflaming over 98 %
Resit water of 55 centigrate
About 2 minutes last inflaming
Packing 50pcs/box;1000pcs/ctn; 1000ctns/20’FCL
Volume of 20GP  950 ctns ~1150 ctns in 1

We have a variety of products ranging from Dry Salted Anchovies, Fresh Chicken Table Eggs, Cheddar Cheese, Macadamia Nuts and many others. Have you been looking for a reliable supplier? Look no more because we are here to help you obtain your goods at very good prices and at the right time. Are looking for Quality Clipper Lighters at wholesale price or a distributor of Colibri and Lotus lighters? We have clipper Lighters available for sale in bulk. Contact us now for more details.

How to detect a fake Clipper Lighter:

The counterfeit lighters found locally looked like “Clipper” lighters. But just by looking at the lighter consumers can tell if it is genuine or not. Genuine lighters have a plastic ridge inside the top on either side of the striker, counterfeit lighters don’t. Do not be fouled! Buy only from a real and reliable constant supplier who will deliver lighters in bulk at your desired location or port. Take a look at our available goods now.

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