Carlsberg Beer for Sale in Bulk

Product Type: Beer
Type: Lager
Color: Light
Weight (kg): 0.355/0.33
Alcohol Content (%): 0.5
Variety: Champagne Style Beer
Processing Type: Draft Beer

24 cans per carton/24 bottles per carton
91 cartons per pallet(250ML) /84 cartons per pallet(330ML)
26 pallets per 40’FCL -250ML/22 pallets per 40’FCL


Distributor and Supplier of Carlsberg Lager Beer

Firstly, we have many kinds products, good quality, good price, all size. Ponte Global Trading GmbH has Carlsberg Beer for Sale in Bulk with a 5% Alcohol lager beer. The advent of the internet has made it very easy to buy Carlsberg Lager Beer online while seated in your office or at a boring party. Are you looking to buy Carlsberg Beer at a wholesale price? If yes then you are at the right place. With a lot of experience gained from our passed years in the business and now we are looking for retailers who buy beer in bulk online.

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Carlsberg beer is an appealing international premium 5% alcohol lager beer with a clean, crisp, full bodied and distinctively smooth taste.
We equally offer Carlsberg beer products in several different bottle and cans sizes. The Carlsberg beer products which we offer are produced in Denmark and several other countries. Looking to buy Carlsberg Beer? Contact us now.

More still, Carlsberg beer products are available in 330ml (33cl) bottles, 330ml (33cl) cans in and 500ml (50cl) cans. Product offers subject to availability. You can equally Buy drinks in bulk from the UK. We have both Heineken Lager Beer, Sprite Soft Drinks For Sale, Corona Extra Beer wholesale, Disposable Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves, Dried Spanish Baby Mackerel, Double A4 Copy Paper, Durum wheat Online Wholesales, Baby Diapers Supplier, Best Supply of Wood Pellets in Europe, Wholesale of Refurbished Laptops, Supplier of Frozen Chicken Parts, Copper Wire Scrap For Sale, and many others are equally available in our online store.

Why you should buy beer in bulk from us Online.

Ponte Global Trading GmbH deals on a professional level in underbond (duty free) beer, spirit and tobacco products. We only sell our products in full truck or container loads. Our company hold accounts at well known bonded warehouses amongst them Loendersloot, Newcorp, TOP Logistics, Sacchetti&Simi, IEFW, DBS, Cotrama and Steinweg/Sharaf. 5% Alcohol lager beer / so buy beer in bulk online now and get the best service from us.

Moreover, next to Carlsberg beer products we offer many other branded and non branded beer products. Please contact us to obtain actual price and product information. Buy Carlsberg Lager Beer

Packaging for Carlsberg Beer for Sale in Bulk: Are you a bulk buy beer online?

250ml bottles and cans 
24 bottles per carton 
26 pallets per 40’fcl 
91 cartons x 24 cans of 250ml per pallet 
2366 cartons per 40 ft. dry container

Equally important, Carlsberg is the global premium beer in Carlsberg Breweries’ portfolio. With its golden colour and delicate smell of hops and malt, Carlsberg is the quintessential pilsner beer. Carlsberg Beer for Sale in Bulk

Furthermore, each ingredient in a Carlsberg is carefully selected and must live up to a strict quality code. Specially chosen hops from unpollenated female hop flowers, malt from lightly roasted spring barley, and Carlsberg’s famous yeast, Sacharomyces carlsbergensis, are brewed with pure water to create what is ‘Probably the best beer in the world. We have Carlsberg Beer for Sale in Bulk and looking for those who want to buy beer products in bulk online.

Style: Lager
Alcohol: 5% ABV

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