Sprite Soft Drinks For Sale

Product Type: Carbonated Drinks
Flavor: All Flavors Available
Additives: Flavor Soda Water
Primary Ingredient: Carbonate
Feature: Glucose
Available Sizes: All sizes available( Cans and Pet Bottles)

24 cans in case; 108 case on pallet
Full Truck: 22-25 pallets
Container ’20: 22 pallets


Ponte Global Trading GmbH is a wholesaler and Suppliers of Sprite Drinks, Sprite Lemon Lime Zero and many other drinks. Our Sprite Soft Drink are for Sale in bulk. This is why we have the cheapest soft drinks for wholesale here in the Germany. Order Sprite Soft Drinks at a cheap price today and get it delivered to your desired delivery port. We understand the shipment of these kind of products since they requires a lot of care which need to be taken into consideration during packing and loading: We supply Soft Drinks, Sprite,  Coca Cola , Fanta, Sprite , Pepsi, Red Bull and many others.

Size: 350ml Cans, 355ml Cans , 500ml PET ,1L ,1.5L ,2L

Direct warehouse sale.

Please contact us for more details on this product.

Packaging Information:
24 x 330ml can.

24 cans per tray.

108 trays per palette.

26 palettes per 20feet” container.

Our Service

-Support OEM and ODM service
(Candy flavor/colour/shape/packing/design/logo
can be made according your request and extra fees/MOQ need to check)
-Design service offered
-Free sample and courier fee is by buyer’s side only.
-Shipping service
-Professional suggestion and fast reply
-new items recommend first
-small order accept-mix container
-Big order come with big discount,trial orders are welcome with competitive price
-Quality control and Production track service
-Feedback tracking. Order Sprite Soft Drink for sale in large quantities and at factory prices. Sprite Lemon Lime Zero are available too.

Advantages of Sprite Soft Drinks For sale here.

-Good quality. The characteristic of our goods is perfect and can be stored in a warehouse for a long time without any problem.
-Suitable for wholesales /market sales/shop retails/gift/festival promotion
-good drink. Brings good mood and offer energy
-Unique items For more products.

We are a Wholesale Supplier of Sprite Drinks both in Glass and Plastic Bottle.
Note that we do offer the labels in different languages, English,Dutch/German, Italian, Arabic, Turkish,Russian and per request from many other languanges not mentioned. Looking for where to have Sprite Soft Drink for sale at cheap prices? Nothing to worry about anymore because we have got your back with cheap Sprite Soft Drinks for sale. Worldwide delivery is assured.

Discounts are currently being offered. Get in touch with us now

Please visit our website and contact us for more details. You can call, text or email us anytime using our contact details on our contact page or website; and one of our consultants will get back to you asap. Keep in mind that we are wholesale Suppliers of Sprite Drinks only and do not deal with direct consumers. We only do business with bulk buyers.

Sprite Can 0.33 l
24 pc per case
99 cases per pallet
24-28 pallets per container
Sprite Can 1.5l
6 pc per case
84 cases per pallet
24-28 pallets per container
also available in 0.5l pet bottles on request

Delivery: Can be by container or truck / total load depending on country and product between 24-28pallets (up to 33 at truck depending on loading and weight). We can add shipping/transport cost to any requested destination.

Of course customer can also arrange pickup at our Supplier’s permissions. We have sprite Soft Drink for sale here at wholesale price (Cheap Sprite Soft Drinks). Sprite Lemon Lime Zero is one of the cheapest soft drinks wholesale we’ve got for you in large quantities. Order corona extra beer 330ml and 355ml and many other drinks products for sale.

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