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Order Glycerol or glycerine Worldwide from one of the best Supplier. We are a wholesaler of Quality Odorless Glycerol at factory price: Glycerol is a colorless, viscous, hygroscopic, sweet-tasting trihydric alcohol. It is also called glycerin or glycerine, with the term glycerol being preferred as the pure chemical form and the term glycerin(e) being primarily used when the compound is used commercially in various grades. Vegetable glycerin near me is always available. Looking for where to buy glycerin online? contact us now.

Also called glycerine , is mainly used in a variety of applications, glycerol is used as a solvent, plasticizer and humectant. In polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, glycerol is used in sample preparation and gel formation. At a concentration of 5-10%, glycerol is used to increase the density of a sample so that it will layer at the bottom of a sample well. Additional uses include as an aid in casting gradient gels, a protein stabilizer and storage buffer component. Searching for where to buy glycerin on the web? Consider us as best Supplier of glycerol or glycerine. We are your Best Supplier of glycerol.

Classification:  Alcohol
CAS No.:  56-81-5
Other Names:  Glycerol
MF:  C3H8O3
EINECS No.:  200-289-5
Product Name:  Glycerol
Grade Standard:  Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Medicine Grade, Cosmetic Grade
Purity:  99%
Appearance:  colorless liquid
Application:   Food/Medicine/Industrial Grade

Item Standard
Appearance Colorless, Clear, Syrup Liquid
Odor Parctically Odorless & Taste Sweet
Color(APHA) ≤ 10:
Glycerin Content≥ % 99.5
Water ≤ % 0.5
Specific Gravity(25°C) ≥ 1.2607
Fatty Acid & Ester  ≤ml 0.5mol/L NaoH 1.0
Chloride ≤ % 0.001
Sulphates  ≤ % 0.002
Heavy Metal( Pb) ≤ ug/g 5 Best Supplier of glycerol
Iron  ≤ % 0.0002
Readliy Carbonizable Substances Passes
Residue on Ignition  ≤ % 0.1
Storage in dry and cool place
Packing 250kg/drum

Application: Best Supplier of glycerol and glycerine

1) In medicine, it is used to making various preparations, solvent, hygroscopic agent, antifreeze and sweeteners, preparation for external use ointment or suppository, with glycerol nitroglycerin used for explosive materials.

2) In the coatings industry, it is used for making all kinds of alkyd resin and polyester resin, epoxy resin and glycidyl ether. Get in touch with the Best Supplier of glycerol and glycerine online today. Vegetable glycerin near me for wholesale only.

3) In textile and printing industry, it is used for preparing wetting agent hygroscopic agent, fabric anti-creasing shrink proof treatment agent, dispersant and penetrating agent.

4) In the food industry , it is used as sweetener, tobacco hygroscopic agent and solvent. There is Quality Odorless Glycerol for wholesaler interested. Buy Vegetable glycerin near me.

5) In addition, in the paper, cosmetics, leather, photography, printing, metal processing rubber and other industries widely. Order Glycerol or glycerine from us no matter where you are, we deliver Worldwide.

Other Application: Best Supplier of glycerol and glycerine


160 kg/drum

800 kg/IBC


20′ FCL



18MT (Best Supplier of glycerol)

40′ FCL




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