Wholesale of CBD Oil at best price

Type: Herbal Extract
Form: Oil
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Variety: Stevia Extract
Part: Leaf
Purity: 99%

Packaging Details
25kgs packaging Fiber drum outside and plastic bag inside 1-25kgs

Wholesale of CBD Oil at best price. Ponte Global Trading GmbH is a Supplier of Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Organic Hemp CBD Oil, Best Supplier of Premium CBD Oil.



Wholesale of CBD Oil at best price

Best Supplier of Premium CBD Oil, Wholesale of CBD Oil at best price, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Organic Hemp CBD Oil: Why is CBD Oil Important?

GMO Free
Pesticide Free
No Residual Solvents
Highest levels of quality, potency and purity
Organically Grown
Keto & Paleo Friendly
Great for Vape

We use professional 3rd party labs to measure CBD levels using state of the art High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) equipment. In addition to testing CBD levels, we test for residual solvents and pesticides. Best Supplier of Premium CBD Oil, Wholesale of CBD Oil at best price

herbal extract
whole plant
Extraction Type
Cold Extraction Process – Alcohol
Mason Jar – Glass, plastic tub, or custom
place of origin 
Contact Us: Wholesale of CBD Oil at best price
Brand Name:
Cb Botanica
model number 
Honey colored Oil
shelf life 
1.5 years

Production Function: Wholesale of CBD Oil at best price

1.Promotes a restful night’s sleep so you can feel super energized and positive the next day.Help you put in a calmer mood and feel more relaxed.
2.Increase focus and attention, hemp oil has been found to increase and boost the immune system as well has aide in focus and overall brain function. It can help increase focus and sharpen attention. Wholesale of CBD Oil at best price
3.Help Reduce Anxiety, hemp seed oil can help with reducing anxiety and improving your mood to put you in a positive mindset, help reduce anxiety and nervousness. Best Supplier of Premium CBD Oil 

Full Spectrum CBD oil is natural extracted from the leaf, flower and stem part of  hemp with food grade ethanol as extraction solvent. Insen CBD oil contains 50%~80% CBD content as well terpenes and other cannabinoids such as a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids, and fiber. While the solvent residual,  pesticide residues, heavy metals and microbial are all well-controlled within standard. So whatever you want it for healthcare supplements or skin care products, it is the best choice for you. Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Organic Hemp CBD Oil

We have more suitable and formidable products to offer to the general public such as  CBD Isolate Powder, Refined Corn Oil, Refined Soybean Oil, Red Palm Cooking Oil and many others. Click Here to view them.


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