Wholesale of Organic hazelnuts

Type: Hazelnuts
Processing Type: Raw and Blanched
Cultivation Type: Common and Organic
Style: Dried
Shell: without shell and with shell

Packaging Details
-PP woven bag or carton,36kg/bag,16kg
-Two bags in one carton.
– 750 cartons in one container (20 feet)
-Customer’s Request


Looking for Wholesale of Organic hazelnuts or looking to Buy Hazelnuts for sale from Turkey at wholesale prices? Our Hazelnuts have a Natural Taste Blanched. Hazelnut is popular as a flavouring or coffee, especially in the form of Hazelnut latte. Hazelnut-flavoured coffee seems (to many users) to be slightly sweetened and less acidic, even though the nut is low in natural saccharides. The reason for such perception is not yet understood. Hazelnuts are extensively used in confectionery to make praline. It is also used in combination with chocolate for chocolate truffles and hazelnut paste products (such as Nutella). In the United States, hazelnut butter is being promoted as a more nutritious spread than its peanut butter counterpart, though it has a higher fat content. We have both raw and roasted Hazelnuts for sale in bulk and at low prices. Wholesale of Organic hazelnuts from a reliable and committed distributor.

Historical Background of Hazelnuts for sale

Hazelnuts are harvested annually in mid-autumn. As autumn comes to a close, the trees drop their nuts and leaves. Most commercial growers wait for the nuts to drop on their own, rather than using equipment to shake them from the tree. The harvesting of hazelnuts is performed either by hand or by manual or mechanical raking of fallen nuts.With the coming of the internet, you can now either order for wholesale of Organic hazelnuts or Buy Hazelnuts for sale from Turkey.

Four primary pieces of equipment are used in commercial harvesting: the sweeper, the harvester, the nut cart, and the forklift. The sweeper moves the nuts into the center of the rows, the harvester lifts and separates the nuts from any debris (i.e. twigs and leaves), the nut cart holds the nuts picked up by the harvester, and the forklift brings a tote to offload the nuts from the nut cart and then stacks the totes to be shipped to the processor (nut dryer). Ponte Global Trading GmbH is A Wholesale of Organic hazelnuts online.

Packaging of our Organic hazelnuts for wholesale

Pack in PE bag , paper carton, weave bag or customer designated
Quantity less than 100kg, 500g /PE bag, or 1kg/bag and 10 bags in one carton
Quantity more than 100kg,50kg/weave bag,or 5kgs/paper carton
Ship by Sea,Air, Land or courier, depend on quantity or your instruction.
We have raw and roasted Hazelnuts for sale online, cashew nuts wholesale,


Product Specification:

Hazelnut Kernels
Cultivation Type
Processing Type
bag, carton
Place of Origin
100% Natural
24 Month
Natural Taste Blanched Hazelnut
Snack Fruits
Dry Cool Place
Delivery time
Within 10 Days
Thin Shell
Contact us for more details
Order Wholesale of Organic hazelnuts and get it delivered to your desired delivery port or warehouse.
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