Durum wheat Online Wholesales

Type: Wheat
Drying Process: AD
Style: Dried
Cultivation Type: Common
Protein: 12.5% Min
Moisture: 13.5% Max
Falling Number: 300 Min
Heat Damaged Kernels: 0.2% Max
Total Damaged Kernel: 4.0% Max
Shrunken & Broken Kernels: 5.0% Max
Total Defects: 5.0% Max
Total other classes: 2.0% Max
Foreign Material: 0.7% Max
Dockage: 1.5% Max
Test Weight: 58 lbs per bushel
Vitreous Amber Kernels: 80% Min

Packaging Details
50 kg (net weight) new poly-lined jute bag or as per buyer’s request


Durum wheat Online Wholesales

Durum wheat Online Wholesales: Wheat is the main cereal crop in India.Indian wheat is largely a soft/medium hard, medium protein, white bread wheat, somewhat similar to U.S. hard white wheat. This Wheat is grown in central and western India is typically hard, with high protein and high gluten content. India also produces around 1.0-1.2 million tons of durum wheat, mostly in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Most Indian durum is not marketed separately due to segregation problems in the market yards. However, some quantities are purchased by the private trade at a price premium, mainly for processing of higher value/branded products. Soft Milling Wheat for Sales. Durum Wheat Grain Supplier

Wheat (Triticum) is the second most important winter cereal in India after rice contributing sustantially to the national food security by providing more than 50% of the calories to the people who mainly depend on it. In histoical perspective india had made spectacular advancement in productivity and sustainability of wheat and wheat based cropping system.The scenario of the past ten years has clearly indicated that the wheat production in the country has soared ahead despite area remaining the same. The wheat programme has released 399 wheat varieties, comprising bread wheat, kdurum, dicoccum and triticale, for cultivation under different production conditions in all the wheat growing zones. Durum wheat Online Wholesales,

There are various types of wheat in India Some of them are:

Types of wheat are: Durum wheat Online Wholesales

Red WheatHard Red Winter Wheat,  Hard Red Spring Wheat, Soft Red Winter Wheat, white Wheat, Hard White Winter Wheat, Soft white Winter Wheat, Durum Wheat. All are cultivated in south and north India.

The final variety of wheat is the hardest wheat in existence, and is also the highest in protein. Durum wheat is grown primarily in North Dakota, and is used for the highest quality pastas and noodles (Italy, for example, uses Durum wheat exclusively to make their world-famous pasta dishes). However, despite its high protein content it is very low in gluten, meaning that although it is an excellent ingredient to mix with other flours there are very few recipes for a purely Durum-based bread. Soft Milling Wheat for Sales.

More Details:

This grain is grown on more land area than any other commercial food. World trade in wheat is greater than for all other crops combined. Globally, wheat is the leading source of vegetable protein in human food, having a higher protein content than other major cereals, maize (corn) or rice. In terms of total production tonnages used for food, it is currently second to rice as the main human food crop and ahead of maize, after allowing for maize’s more extensive use in animal feed.

Next to rice, wheat is the most important food-grain of India and is the staple food of millions of Indians, particularly in the northern and north-western parts of the country. Durum wheat Online Wholesales. Durum Wheat Grain Supplier

It is rich in proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates and provides balanced food. India is the fourth largest producer of wheat in the world after Russia, the USA and China and accounts for 8.7 per cent of the world’s total production of wheat.


Moisture 12% to 13% (Max)
Foreign Matter 1.5%
Test Weight   70 KG/HL
Other Food Grains 2% (Max)
Damaged Grain 2% (Max)
Shriveled & Broken 5% (Max)
Bkeack Head

1% Durum wheat Online Wholesales

Protein 12% to 14%
Gluten (Wet Basis) 22to  26%
Origin Contact us: Durum wheat Online Wholesales
Packing In strong pp bags 25/50 kg packing net/gross or Loose in Bulk
1fcl/20ft 24 mt/1fcl
Used Human Consumption Purpose

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