Canadian Red and Green Lentils

Product Type: Lentil
Style: Dried
Maturity: 100%
Type: Canadian Red Lentils and Green lentils
Drying Process: AD
Size:180-200,200-220 ,220-240pcs/100g
Cultivation Type: Common

Packaging Details
-PP woven bag or carton,10kg / 15kg / 25kg / 50kg
-Two bags in one carton.
– 750 cartons in one container (20 feet)
-Customer’s Request


Wholesale of Canadian Red, yellow, brown, black and Green Lentils. Canadian lentils have a global reputation for their quality. Canada grows primarily red and green lentils. Canadian lentils are consumed worldwide as a source of protein, fibre and other key nutrients. Canadian lentils are available whole, dehulled, split, or as flours and fractions. We have the best Black lentils for sale online and consider ourselves as the most constant and reliable worldwide Supplier. Order lentils in bulk online from a Worldwide Supplier of Canadian Lentils in the Germany. We equally have canned lentils available wholesale.

Known for their earthy flavour, this dried pulse seed is perfect as a side or main dish and offer an astonishing number of health benefits. They are also very easy to prepare!

With a wide variety of lentils accessible, lentils are on the way to becoming the next staple food alongside potatoes and bread. Types of lentils to look out for include green lentils, black lentils, beluga lentils, red lentils, and yellow lentils.

Alberta normally produces two main market classes of lentil. The small red lentil which normally makes up 80% of the Alberta lentil acreage; and the large green lentil that typically makes up the remaining 20% of the acreage. The small red lentil commands the largest market demand in the world with India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Turkey and Egypt along with other Middle East countries all favoring the consumption of this type.  Red lentils are most often consumed as a split lentil.

The large green lentil is popular in the diets of many other cultures around the world and commands a focus on quality attributes to meet the market demand.

Product Specification: Canadian Red and Green Lentils

Product Type
Drying Process
Cultivation Type
Weight (kg)
25, 50
Shelf Life
24 Months
Place of Origin
Contact us.
Brand Name
Green and Red Lentils
ISO 9001:2009
Product name
Dry Red and Green Lentils
Crimson red and green colours
Scientific Name
Lens culinaris
3mm – 5mm
Whole, Split
Grade One

Common Packing For Container Shipment:

Products Packing Container
Green Lentils 25kg or 50kg PP Bags 460Bags x 50kg in 20’FCL or 920Bags x 25kg in 20’FCL

There is also a possibility of having canned lentils at wholesale prices if that is what you prefer.

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